Heat Resistant Gloves for Cooking

Product ID:F500-A

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Heat Resistant Gloves for Cooking

Safety Rating:

EN388-254X (Cut Resistant Level 5)
EN407-4444XX (Contact Heat Level 4)
Tested By CTC


. Heat resistant glove for cooking that knitted with:
Outer - Aramid 1313 & 1414: Superior heat protection, fire retardant
Liner - soft cotton: Comfortable to wear
. Shell Color: Black, gray, yellow mixed with cream-color
. Silicone Color: Blue, black, red, pink, gray, etc.
. Different Silicone patterns for extra gripping capability
. Contact heat up to 932°F
. Sizes: S M L XL XXL


. Kitchen
. Microwave Oven
. Bakeries
. Handle hot objects

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