Cabin Crew Oven Gloves

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Heat Resistant Armsafe Cabin Crew Oven Gloves

. Heat resistant, EN407- max heat protection up to 200ºC/392ºF
. Soft cotton liner not only provide max comfortable fitting but also good insulated from heat
. Waterproof rubber palm offers great flexibility while offering max protection from boiling water and steam - over knitted gloves
. Designed with a textured palm for a great grip even when grease or wet while maintaining great dexterity
. Five-finger seperated can manage wet or greasy meat in your smoker or bbq and make pulled pork like the pros
. Thick but soft sleeve adds extended protection for most of your arm
. Large size fits most people and is easy to put on and take off
. Easy to clean with a little soap, and hang them to dry
. All kinds of uses for BBQ, brewing beer, frying turkeys, dying yarn and activities where you need hand and forearm protection

. Aircraft crew
. High temperature food industry
. Heated dishes holding
. Heated objects holding
. Ceramic works
. Glass and plastic processing
. Baking and cooking
. Metal fabrication
. Automotive assembly

Extend the time to handle hot things, but do not provide long-term protection

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