Cold & Oil Resistant Gloves

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Winter Warm Work Gloves

Safety Rating
. EN388-4132

. Double Coating - Double layer latex provides optimum water resistance and prevents cold air from entering
. Waterproof & Nonslip - a unique two-layer coating that provides excellent grip in wet and oily conditions to prevent slippage. And prevent liquid from penetrating the glove, which keeps the hands clean and dry
. Comfortable Wearing - Ergonomically designed to provide great comfort and effective fatigue relief
. Inner Napping - The soft and comfortable lining keeps your hands warm in the winter and cold, your work efficiency will not be affected by cold environment
. Application - Suitable for light metal processing, handling small oily parts and components, paint and gardening, micro-engineering, processing small castings, parts assembly, other automotive applications, construction work, carpenters, etc.

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