Cut Resistant Sleeves for Food Industry

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High Strength Polyethylene Yarn Knitted Anti Cut Sleeves

. Blue color, stain resistant
. Made of high performance yarn which is five times stronger than steel to keep your arms protected on the job
. Anti-cut level 5 (EN-388 354X) arm sleeves will protect your arms against cuts, abrasions while on the job
. Covering elbow area for more protection with cooling yarn for all-day comfortable wearability
. Thumb slot designed to secure the position on ther arm that prevents slipping or sliding allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand
. Wrapped with polyester makes it not cause dermatitis or skin itching like leather
. Ideal for work in metal fabrication, construction, material handling, automotive assembly, aerospace industry, electronics assembly

Do not use with moving or serrated blades
This arm sleeve is not flameproof, do not touch naked flame directly
This sleeve is cut but not point puncture resistant

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