Cut Resistant Sleeves for Food Industry

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High Strength Polyethylene Yarn Knitted Meat Cutting Sleeves

. Made of HPPE fabric lighter than nylon/polyester, 4 times stronger than leather, 15 times stronger than steel
. Cut resistant level 5 (EN388-454X) arm protection, prevent Scrapes ,Scratches, Skin Irritations
. Durable and food Safe, not-toxic, not smell
. Lightweight comfortable ergonomic arm guard snug fit performs with outstanding professional feel at various utility tasks
. Stretch fabric with thumb hole, gives your arms a secure and snug fit, cool and comfortable to wear
. Stable comfortable wear that stays in place and prevents slipping or sliding allowing you not wasting time readjusting
. Protect arms from bruising, cuts and punctures while handling sharp sheet steel, knifes, blades, glass, hand tools and cutting slicers
. Useful for food service, gardening, wood carving, fishing, camping, glass handling, assembly line, appliance installation and warehousing

Do not use with moving or serrated blades
HPPE cut resistant sleeve is not flameproof, please keep away fire

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