500℃/932℉ Heat Resistant Gloves

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Safety Rating

EN407 4443XX (heat level 4)

. Lined poly-cotton for comfortable wearing & sweat absorption
. Outer-100% aramid1414: cut resistant, heat resistant, fire retardant
. Aramid arranged in a thick woven structure is a poor conductor, can withstand extreme heat and even an occasional flame
. Aramid heat resistant gloves will stop burning as soon as the heat source is removed, which illustrate its flame resistant property
. Flame and heat resistant up to 500℃/932°F degree with commercial grade
. Non-slip silicone coated outer, delay time of heat transfer to hands
. The separate fingers enable you move more comfortable and flexible. They allow you possible to hold different kinds of hot and slick kitchen item safely and stably
. Equipped Ultra-long wrist guard will keep your hands, wrists and forearms all be safer in heat conditions
. Machine washable, 2cm hanging loop sewing for easy hanging and storing
. Perfect for grilling, smoking, cooking, baking, or handling super hot pans and sizzling skillets
. Multi-use for boiler operation, busy commercial kitchens or catering operations and more industrial occations

Do not use if gloves are wet
Do not protect against hot liquids or steam
Extends the time but not ultra-long time protection
To extend the life of heat resistant glove, do not cut or stab them intentionally

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