250℃/482℉ Long Heat Resistant Gloves

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Long Cuff Extreme High Heat Resistant Gloves

. Lined with soft poly-cotton knitted to breathe, so there is enough air circulation to let hands won't sweat
. Outer layer made of 75% aramid 1313 & 25% aramid 1414
. Flame & heat resistant - no more burn, protect you hands up to 250℃(482°F) degree with commercial grade
. Aramid maintains integrity and strength at high temperatures and thermal regulating with amazing heat protection
. Heat proof gloves with five fingered flexible grip design can be worn on either hand
. 2cm hanging loop design is convenient to dry and hang
. Equipped Ultra-long wrist guard will keep your hands, wrists and forearms all be safer
. Machine washable heat resistant gloves easily removes stains so they stay looking nice longer
. Perfect for grilling, smoking, cooking, baking, or handling super hot items
. Multi-use for glass kiln work, hot ceramics, commercial kitchen, restaurants, hot object handling and more

Do not use if gloves are wet
Do not protect against hot liquids or steam
Extends the time but not ultra-long time protection
Always keep the gloves clean
To extend the life of gloves, do not cut or stab them intentionally

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