200℃/392℉ Heat Resistant Gloves

Product ID:B2026

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Safety Rating

. Contact heat up to 200℃/392℉ degree

. 2 layers, 7-gauge seamless knitted gloves heat resistant
. Cotton knitted heat resistant glove is an economical alternative for low heat protection
. Can be render safe protection for low temp work
. Heat insulated, abrasion resistant, breathable
. Can be washed, dried, and reused
. 2cm loop sewing, easy hanging and storing
. Perfect for general maintenance, packaging, inspection, material handling, assembly, and shipping and receiving
. Multi-use for ceramic industry, power station, smelting workshop, high temperature touching and heated objects holding

Do not use if gloves are wet
Do not directly touch open fire
Do not protect against hot liquids or steam
To extend the life of heat resistant glove, do not cut or stab them intentionally

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