Steel Wire Cut Resistant Gloves

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EN388-354X, cut resistant level 5 hand protection

. Seamless 7-gauge high strength polyester & stainless steel knitted gloves which is very durable
. Provides cut resistant level 5 protection against cutting hazards
. Heavyweight knit work glove is reinforced with a composite fiber to increase cut and wear resistance
. Flexible & comfortable, no coating, the special high elastic fiber is blended to make the gloves fit your hand
. Easy to clean, can be washed by hand or dishwasher, will not lint-free and quick dry
. Ergonomic design with elastic cuffs won't very tight or hard on your hands, also it secure their position
. The butcher steel gloves let you handle your grater, knife, slicer and mandoline with confidence
. Multi-purpose used for kitchen & garden, glass, mechanic, constrution, machinery, wood garving and more

Tips: Cut resistant gloves can be worn with arm sleeves for full hand & arm protection, or may be worn alone

Cut resisant gloves are cut resistant, not cut-proof or puncture proof
Do not use with moving or serrated blades

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